Samuel Holz – Becoming A Veterinarian

Samuel Holz grew up with many pets and has always loved animals. He knew at a young age that he wanted to work with animals and he decided to become a veterinarian. He now works as a vet at PetCare Unlimited, in Houston, Texas. Where he has saved many pets and helped make many pet owners happy.

You will need to attend college to become a veterinarian. You should obtain a bachelor’s degree and then go to medical school to become a veterinarian. You will be attending college for at least eight years.  Courses include science, math, zoology and basic coursework.

You will need to be licensed to work as a veterinarian in the state where you live or plan to work. You will have to take a licensing exam to earn your license. Once you have passed the exam you will be given a copy of your license and can begin to work as a vet.

Once you have graduated college and are licensed to practice as a veterinarian, you will need to find a position. You can work in a veterinarian clinic with other vets or you may even want to start your own clinic. Owning your own clinic will allow you to set your own hours and care for as many patients as you want.

Working as a veterinarian allows Samuel Holz to work with animals and keep them safe. He enjoys working closely with pets and their owners and ensuring that they are healthy and happy throughout their lives.